Chris the Piper: Highland Bagpiper for Hire

Hi, I’m Chris the Piper, a highland piper based in the West Midlands and I’ve been playing the Highland Bagpipes since I was 13 years old. I’m now 36 and have a great deal of experience piping at all sorts of events.

I play mainly for pleasure, but also enjoy sharing the bagpipes with whoever I can (for a small fee!).

I’ve piped at weddings, birthday celebrations, Robert Burns nights, New Years Eve celebrations and many other events.

I focus my work in the West Midlands but can travel to your event further afield, with any distance being considered.

I have reasonable rates with prices starting from £150, however because each occasion is unique and I cater my service to your specific needs the price will vary depending on what you’d like. Why not get in touch for a personalised quote?

Do you have a favourite bagpipe tune? Maybe you have something specific in mind?

I try to tailor my service to whatever you might want on your special occasion be it weddings, surprise appearances, or something else. So please don’t hesitate get in touch if you’d like to find out more or discuss your plans with me.

Highland Piper?

Whats makes me a ‘highland’ bagpiper? There are many different types of bagpipes (and not just from Scotland) however The Great Highland Bagpipe are by far the most prolific.  Other types of pipes include the Scottish smallpipes, the Uilleann pipes (from Ireland) and the Mizwid pipes (from Morroco and Northern Africa).  Played on their own or as part of a band, the Great Highland Bagpipes are the traditional instrument played throughout Scotland.  Nothing could be more quintessentially Scottish!